Marc Jacobs Ends New York Fashion Week Right On Time

Marc Jacobs is not a stickler for punctuality. Last season, he exhausted the patience of top fashion editors with a 90-minute delay, causing some of them to leave before it even started. For his spring 2008 show, Jacobs kept guests waiting a record two hours. But alas, there\'s always an opportunity to fall back in love him each season — through the good collections and the bad ones, flaws and all.For his fall 2019 event, which was scheduled to start at 6:00pm, nearly every seat was filled by 5:40pm. It was as if editors, who\'d just endured a week\'s worth of fashion shows, were testing Jacobs — to see if he\'d have the guts to do it again or if he\'d hit reset and begin within the 15-minute grace period given to most designers during Fashion Month. At 6:00pm, the Park Avenue Armory went black and the music, by Bryce Dessner of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (situated off to the side under UFO-style spotlight), promptly began.First up: Ugbad Abdi, in a leopard print poncho t