Karl Lagerfeld's Most Influential Runway Looks

Karl Lagerfeld, legendary designer for Chanel, Fendi, and his own eponymous label, passed away in Paris early this morning. Rumors about his health surfaced last month, when Lagerfeld was absent from two of Chanel\'s haute couture shows in Paris; the house confirmed the news of his death via Instagram. He was 85.Long considered one of the hardest working and most dedicated designers, Lagerfeld transformed the way fashion is seen and worn, via his Chanel collections but also his provocative soundbites. \"You can be the chicest thing in a T-shirt and jeans — it\'s up to you,\" was one of the more relatable ones.Be it taking over the Metropolitan Museum of Art\'s Temple of Dendur or building a waterfall, a rocket ship, an iceberg, or a supermarket within the Grand Palais, Lagerfeld didn\'t just have a vision for his designs and his shows — he saw beyond them, editing every look down to the last thread to ensure Chanel held court in fashion\'s ever-changing landscape. Attendees (and those