Joy Villa Wears A "Build The Wall" Dress To Grammys

Joy Villa is at it again. The headline-hungry singer (we\'ve never heard any of her songs, either), has made the Grammys an annual tradition to express her unwavering support of President Donald Trump and a conservative agenda via her red carpet fashion. Back in 2017, she wore a blue \"Make America Great Again\"-emblazoned gown. She followed that up in 2018 with a white, anti-abortion frock by Pronovias featuring a hand-painted fetus enveloped by a rainbow, a \"CHOOSE LIFE\" handbag, and a tiara.For this year\'s Grammys, she channeled... Trump\'s much-debated-and-reviled border wall. No, really. From the front, the button-pusher was draped in silver, with barbed wire tufts on her shoulders and a similarly punitive-looking crown.. The back of the \"dress\" revealed a white brick pattern; Villa carried whatever her accessories are in a red \"Make America Great\" bag.What did Villa have to say about the look? \"This is what I believe in,\" she told Variety. “I believe in the President, I just rel