Jetting Off For The Long Weekend? These Are The Shoes You Should Be Traveling In

While we might still be caught up in ensuring that Valentine\'s Day goes off without a hitch, by the time your head hits the pillow tomorrow night, it\'ll be on to the next thing. Which, thanks to President\'s Day, are our long weekend getaway plans. Turning Galentine\'s Day into Galentine\'s weekend? Planning a surprise romantic getaway for two? Sneaking off for a post-NYFW spa weekend? No matter where you\'re jetting off to or why, it\'s always best to do so in style.Whether you\'re taking a PJ to Solvang or flying commercial like everyone who\'s not Lala Kent, there\'s a trick to dressing for the ride. So to make your President\'s Day Weekend that much better, we\'re dishing out some advice on what to wear for your journey ahead — or more specifically, what shoes to wear. After all, your feet take a beating running from terminal to terminal, lugging (too many) bags up the escalator and, perhaps worst of all, standing in line for hours on end.Simply put, you\'re looking for a pair of shoes that