Jennifer Lawrence Got A Simple Engagement Ring, So Now We Want The Same

When we heard rumors that Jennifer Lawrence, our favorite no bullshit celeb, got engaged to boyfriend, NYC art mogul Cooke Maroney, our first thought (of course) was: show us the ring! With this low-key Oscar winner in mind, we expected something simple, maybe a few small diamonds scattered across a gold band. So imagine our surprise when Page Six reported seeing Lawrence earlier this week at Soho eatery Raoul\'s sporting a \"giant rock\" on her left ring finger.Don\'t get us wrong, we love a massive diamond just as much as anyone. But when it comes to finding an engagement ring, we steer more towards personality than just double digit carats — and apparently, so does J-Law. The following night, the bride-to-be was once again spotted dashing around NYC, this time donning a much more her ring on the same finger. Minimal gold band, single diamond in the center — no ring has every screamed Jennifer Lawrence more than this one. So to celebrate this A-lister\'s nuptial news, we volunteered