It's So Cold, Even Our Bags Are Warming Up

During the summer, straw bags were IT (and let\'s not forget beaded bags, too) but now that those beach-friendly options are waiting hopeful in the back of your closet for a spring break escape, it\'s time to switch it up in the quest for something fresh and seasonally-appropriate. While smooth, classic leather might be the safer go-to, winter is a time you can really explore weightiness and textures, like suede. Bonus points for all the designed elements that come along with the group of bags we\'ve edited — like we said, it\'s the perfect time to experiment. These brushed suede bags are soft to the touch and also have features like an artsy wooden closure, metal beaded trim, and an intricate braided strap.Now that your interest is piqued, don\'t forget to invest in your chosen bag with a little extra love and care. Pro tip — it\'s never a bad idea to add some suede spray to protect your bag if you want to keep it looking nice and new during these months of pesky, unpredictable weather