In Franca: Chaos & Creation, The Fashion Industry Remembers A Legend

It\'s difficult to talk about late Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani without mentioning the many lives she touched, and how she impacted them, too. Sozzani, who died in 2016 at age 66 of lung cancer, was a force beyond measure — in the fashion industry and real life. In fact, she was known for blurring the two, like an artist smudging lead on the page. It\'s why, in Franca: Chaos & Creation, a coffee table book dedicated to the editrix, so many of Sozzani\'s colleagues write so lovingly and extensively about their shared memories.In her three-decade tenure, Sozzani tackled subjects like drug abuse, diversity, domestic violence, and more. Her diversity issue, for example, dubbed the Black Issue, sells for $2,500 today. This book, by her son Francisco Carrozzini and printed via Assouline, costs $250. And by the weight and breadth of it — showcasing Sozzani\'s most iconic photos in one place, is worth every penny. (It\'s 408 pages, 300 of which are illustrations.) The portfolio


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