Gucci Issues Internal Statement About Blackface Sweater

Update #2, February 12: On Tuesday, Gucci referred us to an internal memo circulated among employees that was published on Fashionista in full.In the statement, CEO Marco Bizzarri says \"We made a mistake. A big one. Because of cultural ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse. And we accept responsibility for this mistake. Yet there is no way of thinking nor believing that this could have ever been intentional.\"Bizzarri continued: \"We have created a shared corporate culture that makes us unique. From the very start in 2015, all that we have stood for and all that we have achieved on a daily basis has been driven by these values and has been defining this chapter for our brand. Above all, respect for others, celebrating diversity through inclusivity and with creativity at the heart of everything we do.\"\"This process takes time, as any behavioral change does, evolving every day and mistakes may happen along the way. We thought we were standing in a better position, and we need to recogn


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