Chunky Boots Are Here & They're Bigger Than Ever Before

Fact: there\'s an inverse relationship between sandals and boots. In other words, as sandals get daintier, with straps so thin they could snap at any moment, boots get that much chunkier. And since our spring predictions show a lineup of super skinny sandals dominating the shoescape, that must mean that while winter\'s still here, our boot selection is set to be majorly oversized — not that we\'re complaining.Thankfully, there\'s no shortage of options when it comes to chunky boots. From lug-soled rain boots courtesy of Everlane to platform lace-ups from & Other Stories, the shoe brands we know and love aren\'t messing around. So to help you narrow down your options and find that one perfect pair of supersized boots to wait out the winter in, we rounded up 16 pairs of chunky boots to get your feet in now.Dainty sandals might be just around the corner, but for now, the chunky boots ahead are still very much our shoe of choice.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelmi