Calling It: This Unexpected Jacket Shape Will Be Spring's Sleeper Hit

It may still be the depth of winter (pause for a collective ughhh), but we’ve detected the comeback of a classic outerwear trend that’s already got us prepping for breezy afternoons in the park and al fresco coffee dates. Enter: the chore jacket.This emblem of functionality originated with French workmen in the late 1800s and was then introduced — quite unintentionally — to the fashion set by renowned photographer Bill Cunningham. The coat was a unifying symbol of France’s working class and its name, bleu de travail, even translates literally to “blue work.” Cunningham was attracted to the chore jacket\'s comfort and durability and adopted it as part of his signature uniform: blue jacket, khaki pants, black sneakers. And while he didn’t intend to spark a trend, Cunningham\'s look became synonymous with the world of street style and likely helped influence the popularity of utilitarian attire across the fashion landscape.This particular item is back on our radar because Ev