Bucket Hats Are Your Street Style-Approved Replacement For Beanies

When bucket hats started showing up atop the heads of every street styler, from New York to Milan, last September, we admittedly were skeptical. While a new hat trend is certainly appreciated, we weren\'t quite convinced that these were the ones to take that long-awaited spot. So when below-zero temps and freezing rain arrived, calling for winter hats of the more utilitarian variety, we were sure that the bucket hat craze would die off.But boy, were we wrong. According to our most-trusted trend experts, the show-goers of New York Fashion Week, bucket hats are back — and they\'re prepared for anything the weather throws at them. Even on the snowiest, most tundra-like day of the week, these 2000s-inspired caps managed to beat out beanies ten to one on the streets of Manhattan. So whether you want to go bold with patterned Prada or play it safe with 70s corduroy, there\'s a winter-ready bucket hat for you in the mix ahead.To help you get the lay of the bucket hat land, here\'s 6 fashionista