All The Wardrobe Essentials You Should Buy Up This Week

It\'s Monday, which for a lot of people means an early morning wakeup call and the daunting task of responding to a weekend\'s worth of emails. But what\'s the fun in that? When it comes to a new week, we prefer to tackle it with a little something positive to look forward to. For us, that means looking at it as the first of five opportunities to try out a new outfit. And Monday morning is the perfect time to re-up our wardrobe essentials.A really well-fitting pair of jeans and classic black boots should never be overlooked. Sure, an animal print pair of boots and a highlighter puffer might be fun to don at Saturday brunch, but for running errands, work meetings and casual dinners with friends, there\'s nothing you\'ll go to more than the essentials. So, to simplify the daunting task of finding the perfect white tee or an every-occasion trench coat, we\'ve rounded up 15 wardrobe must-haves for you to buy now.Before you spend another Monday working through your lunch break, use that 30 minute


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