A Selection Of Late Vogue Editor Franca Sozzani's Clothes Is For Sale Right Now

In 2016, when the late Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani passed away just a few days before Christmas, the fashion industry\'s lights dimmed. Sozzani, a guiding force for so many in the field, was known by Italians as the \"Lady of Fashion,\" but for those of us admiring her legacy from afar, she was more than that: she was the future of fashion. The Italian editor pushed boundaries, forced conversations, and added dreamlike qualities to some of the more sobering ideas that have to do with style and what clothes mean to the zeitgeist at large.But Sozzani was also a dedicated philanthropist. She was awarded the Legion of Honor, the highest order of civil merit, by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. She was a United Nations Goodwilll ambassador. She was a global ambassador against hunger for the UN\'s World Food Programme and was awarded the Swarovski Fashion Award for Positive Change. Sozzani was a founding member of Condé Nasts International\'s Child Priority, a nonprofit f



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