21 Throwback Swimsuits For The Vintage-Obsessed

Summertime means different things to different people. You and your pals may have diverging goals for the season — whether it\'s tackling a list of places to visit, digging into a stack of best-sellers, or whittling down a backed-up Netflix queue. But all roads eventually lead to a beach. (Yes, even that last option: What else is there to do after a day of swimming and sunbathing than sit on your couch to vegetate?) Hence, a solid swimsuit is a completely justifiable purchase to make before the season really picks up.The challenge then becomes finding a suit that you can wear all summer long, but that still feels more special than every other two-piece you\'ll sport on the sand bar. To achieve this balance between versatility and coolness, we\'re turning back the clock in our search: We\'ve found the best sets and one-pieces that recall decades past — from high-waisted bottoms pulled straight from the pinup age to mod-inspired prints that have us flashing peace signs. Throw it back in



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