16 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Score On Amazon

While the V-Day cop out is to cruise through your corner drugstore to grab a box of chocolates and a teddy bear that looks like its lived in an arcade claw machine, that doesn\'t have to be your only last minute gifting option. Sure, those traditional gifts are appropriate, but February 14 is about showing your love and appreciation for your S.O. or your friends, so something more meaningful and catered specifically to their personalities will win you extra points. But don’t get in a tizzy, finding these special presents is easy with a speedy trip to the digital shopping mecca that boasts Prime next-day shipping advantages: a.k.a. Amazon.You already use the mega-retailer for all your other needs (that coat, a Squatty Potty, and so on), so why not add Valentine\'s Day gifts to that list? But rather than send you on a wild goose chase through the site (remember we said this was supposed to be simple), we’re streamlining the process with a curation of the coolest presents to consider ri



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