14 Alternative Tevas Sandals To Buy ASAP

Foot paddles, velcro sandies, cutout hiking boots. Whatever you may refer to them as, Teva\'s have become the ultimate archetype for comfortable sandals. They’re the best thing to happen to extra sweaty toes and footbeds. Originally designed for trekking, they filled the void last year as the summer alternative to the dad sneaker. Designers have released their own interpretations of them, from Gucci\'s crystal-encrusted metallic sandals to AREA\'s rhinestone fringe embellished version. They may not be trail-ready, but at least they\'re guaranteed to keep your feet blister-free.The actual Teva brand\'s own collaborations are vast, with Opening Ceremony and Herschel Supply Co. on the roster. They\'re the poster shoe for hypebeasts and actual hikers alike (I can vouch for the trekking part: I did a 10 mile hike in the Hurricane XLT2s). Just the crackle of the velcro strap immediately sparks memories of summer camp bonfires, white water rafting, and that guy in middle school that loved lizar