Why Not Wear Blush On Your Wedding Day?

There are a few hard rules when it comes to your wedding day: don\'t drink too much champagne on an empty stomach, avoid the groom while wearing your dress pre-ceremony, and wait until the last possible moment to give the rings to the ring bearer. But if there\'s one rule the wedding world takes most seriously, it\'s that the bride must always wear white. Thankfully, we\'re not big fans of the rules — especially this one. So while a white dress is the end-all-be-all for a lot of brides, we\'re making a case for a much different choice: blush wedding dresses.Where the most variety we used to see in wedding dresses came in the form of stark white versus ivory, modern versions are showing up on the market in a wide array of hues. We\'re hardly suggesting you wear neon on the big day (not that we oppose!), but opting for a warmer shade is no longer frowned upon. Ahead, we\'ve rounded up 15 blush dresses that look every bit as wedding day-appropriate as the white dresses we\'re used to seeing, if