Why Nirvana Are Reportedly Suing Marc Jacobs

When designer Marc Jacobs announced that he would be reissuing the infamous Bootleg Redux Grunge collection that made his name and got him fired from Perry Ellis back in 1993, we were beyond thrilled. Now, it seems the collection has landed the designer in a spot of trouble.According to TMZ and The Fashion Law, Nirvana are suing the Marc Jacobs International brand for using its trademarked (and iconic) smiley face logo on a T-shirt in the relaunched collection. The T-shirt reads \"HEAVEN\" and has the designer\'s initials are the place of eyes.According to reports, Nirvana, LCC (the legal unit founded in September 1997 by Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and the Courtney Love-controlled Cobain Estate) has handed a lawsuit to the brand, claiming that the T-shirt “infringed Nirvana’s copyright, misleadingly used Nirvana’s trademarks, and utilised other elements with which Nirvana is widely associated to make it appear that Nirvana has endorsed or is otherwise associated with” the reissu