Why Megan Mullally Bought Her SAG Awards Dress Online

When we first heard that four-time SAG Award winner Megan Mullaly was having difficulty getting a designer to dress her to host this year\'s SAG Awards show, we were pretty bummed. Wouldn\'t you be, too?But, in typical Karen Walker form, the Will & Grace star took matters into her own hands and did what most of us would do: She bought her dress online. The actress took to the red carpet in a black Alexander McQueen number that she ensured red carpet interviewers she won\'t sell — and even bet we\'ll see her in it again up to five more times. Mullaly expanded her position on the lucrative marketing moment that is celebrity red carpet dressing and we couldn\'t agree more.\"At the end of the day, I rather pick what I like and what I feel comfortable in and not get pinned into a corner where I’m beholden to a designer and I have to wear it,\" she explained during TNT\'s pre-show livestream. \"I’ve gotten a few nice offers — not name designers, but emerging designers — but it was already