We Tested The Best White T-Shirts And Here’s What We Found

Finding the best white t-shirt is like finding the best white paint: a seemingly simple task complicated by the amount of options available. What shade of white works best? The answer is different for everyone, which is why there are so many choices. The same applies to a white t-shirt. Ask yourself, “which white t-shirt is best for me?” One person\'s #1 perfect white tee is another\'s recycled dishrag. It takes a lot of patience, trying on and simulating different movements to find the one that works the best for you. But trust us, everyone needs at least one utterly supreme white tee. And when you finally find the one, you might next find yourself analyzing every white tee that comes within your line of sight.There are three essential, make-or-break factors to consider here. #1. Fabric weight: Jersey has a lot of variations and thicknesses, which then affects how the shirt hugs and feels on your body, and what bras you should wear. # 2 Armpit Moveability: There is nothing more hea