We Scoured Instagram & Found 8 Of 2019's Buzziest New Jewelry Brands

Nowadays, the rule of thumb for jewelry is pretty clear: the more the merrier. We layer so many necklaces on top of each other that waking up without a tangled mess around our necks is impossible, our hands are stacked with a ring (if not multiple) on every finger and we\'re on a first-name basis with the local piercing dude. Needless to say, the days of taking a minimalist stance in this department are officially a thing of the past. So naturally, we\'re always on the hunt for new brands to add to our collections.We turned to our trusty Instagram feeds for some much-needed brand research, and after a few too many hours of scrolling (and some early onset carpal tunnel), we came up with a list of 2019\'s most wear-worthy jewelry brands. From budget-friendly styles to high-end investment pieces, these are the brands that you\'re about to see everywhere.So before these under-the-radar designers are discovered (and everything we want sells out), take a peak at this year\'s list of Instagram\'s b