We Just Found Your 2019 Alternative To Leggings

We\'re not always the first to admit it, but the truth is, we love leggings. Sure, they might not always be the most stylish choice. But when you\'re running to the bodega for last-minute dinner party supplies or sleepwalking to your local coffee shop, there\'s no better pair of throw-on-and-go pants. Or is there? What if we told you that there\'s a new pant trend rising in the ranks that feel like ultra soft leggings, but look so much better?Introducing the 2019 alternative to leggings: the flared stretch pants we\'ve been spotting on every retailer\'s website, from Urban Outfitters to Net-A-Porter. Unlike their skinny-legged predecessor, these new pull-on styles go the distance when it comes to options. From floral-patterned bells by Acne Studios to split-leg trousers courtesy of The Row, we\'ve rounded up all the best picks of this new trend.So pack away your rainy day leggings and take these equally lush, but much more fashion-forward stretch flares for a spin.At Refinery29, we’re her