Wake Up & Put These On — Here Are The Cozy Slippers We're Wearing All Winter

After the long holiday season we just endured, one packed full of dancing, mingling and running from one party to the next, we all deserve a little relaxation time. But while celery juice cleanses and eight hours of sleep a night will help most of your body recover, your feet are likely still suffering from major post-party shoe trauma. And since January is all about self-care, we\'re starting it off with a fresh re-up of our favorite cozy slippers.While you\'re probably expecting some cheap slide-ons with a kitschy design on top (though we sometimes love those too!) or a pair from that infamous winter boot brand we love to hate, this season\'s selection of slippers are anything but expected. From toasty shearling styles to cashmere pairs you\'ll never want to take off, these slippers aren\'t messing around. So before another day goes by, slip your poor post-party feet into a pair of the ultra luxurious slippers ahead.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world