Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Athleisure Line Is "Perfect" (It Is)

If you were wondering if any female athletes inspired Victoria Beckham \'s latest venture, a foray into athletic-wear, you\'d be hard pressed to get an answer. \"No on in particular, really,\" she tells Refinery29. (She is Posh, after all.) But it\'s not necessarily a drawback to the collection that nearly sold out within 24 hours. Reebok x Victoria Beckham is, as with anything the celebrity designer gets her hands on, very much a product of her own vision. Beckham has long focused on creating clothes that empower women in their everyday lives; now, her line of trendy athletic-wear helps get them to and from the gym, too.Ranging from $30 to $300, the line is also inspired by Beckham\'s lives between her homes in Los Angeles and London. The mother of four (and wife to one of the world\'s most famous athletes) manages to work out an alleged two hours a day, so if you\'re wondering why the ready-to-wear expert is venturing into streetwear, it actually makes perfect sense. \"As the collections go o