Unconventional Brides Can't Get Enough Of These Short Wedding Dresses

Aside from a few regrettable trends over the years (a.k.a. all things bridal in the 80s), the wedding dress market doesn\'t change much. You wear white (ivory if you\'re really daring!), tulle is plentiful, and 9 out of 10 times your look includes a hemline or train that stretches behind you on your walk down the aisle. But while traditional wedding styles are always a safe bet, for a lot of brides, picking the dress is more about personal style than simply choosing whatever \"most\" brides do.Over the last few seasons, it\'s become clear that there\'s a new wedding dress style in town that non-traditional brides are embracing as their own. Short wedding dresses — mini and midi lengths included — have gone through quite the transformation of late, and shorter has been deemed (finally!) wedding-appropriate. So whether you\'re getting hitched on the beach or simply heading down to City Hall, if you\'re on the lookout for something a little less conventional and a little more you, the 15 sho