Turn Tangled Jewels Into Organized Luxury With These Over-The-Door Hangers

Like the earbud wires that used to mysteriously play twister in our purses and pockets post Ariana Grande jam sessions, our jewelry seems to follow aggressively-tangled suit, no matter where or how gingerly we lay it down. Attempting to accessorize from a chaotic pile of necklaces that have somehow worked themselves into a Gordian knot of rings, bracelets, and backless earrings, is nothing short of our darkest nightmare — especially after hitting snooze about ten times too many on Monday morning. But just as wireless headphones solved our tangled music dilemmas, there also exists a secret weapon for our war against disorganized jewelry: the over-the-door organizer.Unlike jewelry boxes or dishes, the over-the-door solution battles against jumbled messes (a.k.a. constrictor knots) by suspending our accessories in individual compartments instead of laying them flat in clumped heaps. These crafty products go beyond a more streamlined jewelry storage system by opening up space and style-s