The Most Standout Looks From This Year's Golden Globes Red Carpet

As the first award show of the new year, the Golden Globes red carpet always sets the tone for the ones that follow (Oscars, SAG, Grammys, etc.). One scroll through Twitter during an awards ceremony will show you how much people pay attention to more than just the aesthetics of a dress. For example: Last year, the women of Hollywood took to the red carpet wearing all black to join the Time’s Up movement in hope’s of ushering in a new era of equality. Or Issa Rae\'s CFDA dress celebrating Black culture\'s influence in the fashion industry. With these statements, the red carpet became a platform for protest.We\'re not expecting another sea of black gowns this year (though, we\'re not opposed to it), but we are prepared for looks that will send a message — be it political or purely sartorial. That’s what makes the red carpet such a treat: it’s an opportunity to see some standout, eye-catching gowns from the runways on some of our favorite celebrities (see: Ezra Miller in Moncler, Tr