The Holidays Might Be Over, But We're Not Giving Up On Silver Dresses (Yet)

And just like that, another party season\'s come and gone. After spending the entirety of December juggling friends, family and co-workers, the nightly soirées are calming down and we can at last return to curling up in our pjs after a long day rather than throwing on some sparkly eyeshadow and heading back out the door. But while party season might be over and done with, we\'re not quite ready to deal our party dresses the same fate. So to carry some holiday spirit into 2019, we\'re recycling our metallic dresses and donning silver all winter long.Making a silver dress work post-NYE can be tricky, but with a few tips, you\'ll be sporting sequins for your morning coffee run and satin to the office. The secret? Don\'t hold back when it comes to layers. A graphic T-shirt, oversized blazer, or chunky sweater can turn the dial down on the festive attire and transform your silver party dress into a natural daytime \'fit. So before you give party dresses the cold shoulder just because the holiday