Taylor Swift Dazzles In Versace At The Golden Globes

It was the tweet that (nearly) broke the internet: \"SPOTTED AT # GOLDENGLOBES@ taylorswift13 being ushered in by security during last commercial break! Security almost plowed over Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys to get her backstage!\" You read that right. Taylor Swift, current ladyfriend of The Favourite actor Joe Alwyn and boss lady of the highest grossing tour in U.S. history, snuck in to grapple the arm of Idris Elba to present fellow megastar Lady Gaga with a Golden Globe for Best Song in a Motion Picture, \'Shallow\'.Where did she come from? Where is she going? Those were just some of the thoughts that ran through fans\' heads as the singer made a swift entrance and exit at the ceremony. After all, she\'s a very, very rare awards show and red carpet fixture for the past two-plus years. But, for some of us, we were also wondering: Who is she wearing? The black corseted number was subtle in its sparkle, bodycon in all of its glory, and what you\'d imagine someone who wanted to blend in wou