Take A Walk On The Wild Side In These 15 Croc-Effect Boots

It\'s not exactly breaking news to say that animal print made one hell of a comeback last year. Where we once sent anything remotely resembling leopard print or snakeskin straight to the discount bins, we now spend our time brainstorming new ways to wear them. Cow print mini bags? Snakeskin trenches? Zebra stripe sweaters? Check, check, check! But if we had to choose just one animal-inspired print to bring with us into the new year, no doubt, it would be crocodile. More specifically, the croc-effect boots that are showing up everywhere.Since going head-to-toe croc might be a tad much (for now, at least), we\'re opting instead to dip our toes into this particular trend pool. Thankfully, everyone from Zara and Mango to Miista and By Far are incorporating mock croc into their most recent boot collections. So whether you\'re looking to dabble with a few low-price options or drop a dime or two on a lifelong pair, there\'s a wildly popular croc-embossed boot just waiting to jump out at you (pun