Olivier Rousteing Shows Balmain’s First Couture Show In 16 Years

In November, Balmain\'s creative director Olivier Rousteing announced he was ready to \"bring back the Parisian DNA\" to his brand and show the French fashion house\'s first couture collection in 16 years. The Chambre Syndicale allowed Rousteing to show on the Haute Couture Spring 2019 schedule as a guest — the term \'couture\' is regulated by French law and not just anyone can decide they are a couturier. And Rousteing went all out for the extra special occasion.On Wednesday, he presented what he told Vogue was combining the old Balmain with the newer Instagram-saavy brand its known for today. \"Of course, the house is known for being edgy and sexy and glamorous,\" he told the magazine. \"Here, it’s all about bringing back Balmain to the elegance of la France. Everything you see will give the sense that it’s taken from the ideas of Mr. Balmain.\"What followed was a mix-up of Rousteing\'s usual silhouette: strong shoulders and jagged lines with pearls worn as orb-like bangles, a skirt pair