Muslim-American Journalist Noor Tagouri Says Vogue Misrepresented Her

It\'s no secret that the fashion industry, and the fashion media, have a lot of work to do when it comes to true diversity and inclusivity. Vogue magazine, in particular, has come under fire in recent months for cultural missteps and mistakes.It look the title 126 years to work with a Black photographer on a cover, so it\'s no wonder that one of its writers could refer to BeyoncĂ©’s hair as a “hip-length afro,” or suddenly name Timberland boots a “fresh idea” because a supermodel wore them. But for activist and journalist Noor Tagouri, Vogue\'s most recent mistake felt incredibly hurtful.On Thursday, Tagouri shared an Instagram video, taken by her husband, in which she sees her photo in the February issue of Vogue for the first time. Back in November, the magazine reached out to Tagouri to feature her in a shirting spread that would highlight a cross-spectrum of women in media, the arts, and fashion. At the time, Tagouri tells Refinery29, it felt like fate. \"I got the email the