Miuccia Prada: “Anything One Does Today Can Cause Offense”

On Sunday, Miuccia Prada addressed the criticisms her brand was racist after displaying charms resembling blackface backstage at Prada\'s men\'s show in Milan. “I increasingly think anything one does today can cause offense,” Miuccia Prada told WWD at Fondazione Prada. “There can sometimes be a lack of generosity but, on the other hand, how can we know all cultures? The Chinese protest, then the Sikh, then Mexicans, then Afro-Americans. But how can you know the details of each single culture so well when there can be 100 different cultures in every country?”In December, after Prada pulled the figurines from its shelves, the Italian fashion house announced it would “improve our diversity training and will immediately form an Advisory Council to guide our efforts on diversity, inclusion and culture. We will also examine the processes that led to such a product reaching the market in the first place.”The hard part for Miuccia, as she told WWD on Sunday, “people want respect be



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