Meghan Markle Had The Most Expensive Royal Wardrobe In 2018 — But Probably For Good Reason

Fashion lovers and fans of the royal family won’t be surprised to learn Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, enjoyed the most expensive royal wardrobe in 2018, according to royal fashion website UFO No More.The website’s annual clothing calculations showed that with a grand total of $508,258 — a number that includes her Cartier Reflection wedding bracelet and earrings, but not her wedding gown — Markle donned the priciest clothes and accessories last year compared to 13 other royal women, including Princess Eugenie and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.For her part, Middleton’s new fashion pieces for the year cost an estimated $85,097, a pittance compared to her sister-in-law. The newly married Princess Eugenie, meanwhile, spent $39,818 on new clothes and accessories in 2018, not including her custom-made wedding weekend attire.The amounts above were determined using only new clothing items added to the royal wardrobes, no fashion repeats. As a newly married royal, it