Meet The Viral Designer Inspired By Dapper Dan and Virgil Abloh

Rapper and designer Magnus Juliano\'s new year is off to a promising start, thanks to Twitter. On Tuesday, the 27-year-old shared his latest project: a photo series where he modeled a jumpsuit printed with colorful Louis Vuitton logos and matching 3D printed charms adorning his box braids.\"I was just inspired by people who said I have a vision [for the way I want to present myself], even though, I don’t necessarily have access to these resources to create something that I think would be beneficial, innovative, or just simply make me happy,\" he tells Refinery29.Juliano, along with photographer Mystic Gooden did the entire shoot in just under an hour at 2 o\'clock in the morning, on December 31.\"Hey @virgilabloh, can I earn an internship? I have ideas,\" Juliano tweeted the following day, sharing the project with the world. Abloh first gained traction as Kanye West\'s longtime creative collaborator but has since launched his own brand Off-White (as well as many, many brand partnerships) an