Looking To Buy Some Jewelry For Your S.O. This Valentine's Day? Here's The Best Buys According To Price

Finding that one perfect gift for your S.O. is notoriously tricky — mostly because the perfect gift is different for everyone. From making each other\'s gifts by hand to dropping three months’ pay on a blowout present, there\'s no one right move when it comes to gifting. That being said, if we had to choose just one present that\'s most often a safe bet, nine times out of ten, we\'d pick jewelry — especially on Valentine\'s Day.Where buying jewelry for your other half used to be somewhat of a drab affair (diamonds or pearls? What a dilemma!), thanks to a slew of new trends and designers filling out the market, it\'s finally possible to pick out a piece of jewelry that\'s genuinely personal. So whether your loved one spends her days scrolling through Instagram in search of the next big jewelry trend or prefers to stick with the classics (Tiffany\'s, Cartier, David Yurman, the works), chances are high that her perfect Valentine\'s Day gift is somewhere in the mix ahead.So before you buy yet