Lazy Day Brunch Outfits That Still Look Put Together

The 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekend social feast known as brunch ranks high on pastimes embraced and perfected by Americans. And as all true brunch enthusiasts know, it\'s as much about the food as it is the company — so when the meal is delish and the crowd\'s just right, the syrup on top of the pancaked occasion is an outfit to match. Because brunch isn\'t just any old meal it deserves a fitting look for those, \"snagged a reservation at that award-winning chef\'s new spot,\" or, \"haven\'t seen this group of friends in forever,\" or, \"meeting the SO\'s parents over mimosas,\" or \"eek, running 15 minutes late but still want to look chic while scarfing down fried chicken and waffles,\" kinda\' affairs.It takes a little extra time to strategize what to wear for the multitude of brunch scenarios that can and may arise — but, like the experience itself, brunch outfits are best not overdone. To preserve the enjoyment of eating breakfast for lunch (and in consideration of any potential hangovers being de