Kyrsten Sinema Channels Elle Woods For Her First Day As Senator

With great power comes great responsibility, they say (now more than ever). And it seems newly minted senator Kyrsten Sinema is well-aware of this sentiment: Hell, she already refused to swear on the Bible when she was sworn in to Congress and opted for a copy of the Constitution instead. And, for her first official day as the openly bisexual Democratic senator from Arizona, she channeled one of the greatest lawyers to ever shake her pom-pom pencil in the U.S. Capitol: Elle Woods.As Sinema began her first day in the Senate, a CNN reporter captured her all-pink ensemble and posted it to Twitter. An apparent lover of faux fur, Sinema was all smiles in a fuzzy pink coat and pink rose printed bodycon dress underneath. She topped the festive look off with dusty pink lucite hoops, pale pink, crystal-encrusted heels, and a light pink, glitter polka dot handbag. (Say pink again. Pink.) And, of course, Twitter users couldn\'t help themselves by making the Marilyn Monroe, Miss Frizzle (The Magic