It's Time To Swap Out Your Hipster Beanie For One Of These

We thought this time would never come, but here we are. The reign of floppy, hipster-style beanies is done. No more holding onto your winter hats for dear life every time a burst of wind blows by. No more twinning with men with buns in their hair wearing wire-rimmed glasses, that, to no surprise, aren\'t prescription. Instead, the one thing we need when the weather drops and our ears are particularly freezing, utility, is back in style. And we\'re pleased to say, it looks pretty cute.While the cold weather is already well under way, brands are still dropping tons of new styles. And from what we\'re seeing, there\'s one beanie just waiting to win over our chilly little hearts: fishermen hats. Usually folded over with a little bit of a cropped look, they\'re basically the no-frills winter hats we\'ve been waiting for. Whether you\'re bringing tie-dye with you into the cold-weather months or prefer to stick with accessories of the more subtle variety, the 18 beanies ahead will keep you warm all