It's Official: We're Trading In Our Lace-y Thongs For Something A Little More Comfortable

Fact: millennials love to ruin stuff. Or that\'s what everyone seems to think. Between single-handedly destroying the dairy industry (to make way for the oat milk rebellion, of course) and ruining bar culture forever (wine is so much cheaper at home), it\'s almost as if there\'s nothing that those born between 1981 and 1995 haven\'t killed. But if there\'s one outdated concept we\'re most proud of taking down, it has to be \"sexy underwear\".Where we used to look at Victoria\'s Secret for tips on how to look sexy, buying up all the lace thongs and push-up bras we could get our impressionable teenage hands on, we\'re now opting instead for underwear that makes us feel confident and comfortable. From runway-approved granny panties to day-of-the-week cotton briefs, once you\'ve made the move away from \"sexy underwear\" and towards the luxuriously comfy options ahead, there\'s simply no going back.So even if you still drink 2% milk and can\'t resist a good Happy Hour every now and then, we\'re betting th