How To Start A Career In Fashion, According To A Scandi Stylist

The world of fashion is thrilling, inspiring, and glamorous — but also incredibly daunting if you’ve chosen to make it your career. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the front-row frenzy and bold-faced names, especially if you’re starting from scratch. That said, if you\'re hungry for a creative career that takes you everywhere, but feel like you’re stuck going nowhere, you\'re not alone.Long before they became front-row regulars and catwalk creatives, many of the style bloggers and industry influencers you admire were “nowhere,” too — setting out from square one with a dream and the willingness to take a chance. The journey to that dazzling, jet-set fashion career nearly always starts from “nowhere,” unless you happen to be related to fashion royalty. For the vast majority, it\'s talent, a creative eye, and connections made along the way that get you a priority boarding pass to success.Trine Kjaer, a Copenhagen-based style icon, fashion stylist, and influencer, is a perf