How One NYC Family Makes The Most Of Every Square Inch Of Their Apartment

Conventional wisdom often dictates that when you have kids, you make one of two choices: Move to the suburbs (bye-bye, city life you worked so hard for), or figure out some way (sell your stocks! Sell your clothes! Sell a freakin\' kidney if you must!) to afford a larger, more explicitly child-friendly space in your city. But Gunnar Larson, a New York City-based interior designer, and his wife Sara, head of PR and communications for the fashion brand Galvan London, have rejected this idea whole-heartedly. Which is part of why we think parents and non-parents alike can learn a thing or two from their can-do attitude, as well as their innovative usage of space and their whimsical-yet-sophisticated style.We first featured the Larsons on Refinery29 in 2013, when they showed off their East Village apartment and the unique hanging crib they erected for their baby daughter, Ihlen. Flash forward to 2019, and the family has moved apartments, changed up their decor, and welcomed a new baby boy na