Handbag Organizers That Make Life Just A Tad Bit Easier

We\'re all looking for a fresh start in this new year, but before you start tackling those big picture dreams, consider starting out by bringing some order to something you use every single day — your handbag. Chances are at some point you\'ve glanced at your favorite purse and thought \" what is even in here? \" If we\'re not mindful, even the smallest bags can eventually turn into a seemingly bottomless pit where you\'re doomed to never find the one thing that you\'re actually looking for.Rather than digging around in the bottom of your purse for your lip balm, your car keys, or your coat check ticket, invest in an organizer that you can easily slip into your bag to keep all of the important stuff in its place. From actual purse inserts with tons of compartments that you can easily transfer from one bag to another, to cute cosmetic cases that will ensure you never lose your holy grail beauty products, to tiny pouches to keep coins, cards, and more together so you\'re not jangling around th