Gwen Stefani Loves That We Still Love L.A.M.B.

The early-aughts were simpler times. We were all wearing velour Juicy Couture tracksuits or super low jeans with a wide belt slung around the waist. It might have even been when fashion first started to peak. On September 16, 2004 Gwen Stefani presented L.A.M.B. at New York Fashion Week. What started out as a collaboration with Le Sport Sac took on a life of its own spawning clothing, shoes, bags, and a fragrance entitled L. She was one of the first to pioneer the singer-turned-designer switch-up and be taken seriously. Stefani has since paused on designing clothing for the label named after her first album and is focusing on designing eyewear, but her appreciation for the fans who show her items they\'ve held on to brings a wave of nostalgia\"I go to my Vegas shows and it’s really fulfilling to look out into the crowd and people will hold up a L.A.M.B. bag from back in the day,\" Stefani tells Refinery29. \"It’s really gratifying and it makes me feel good.\" She explains that while sh