Every Amazon Product To Add To Your Cart This Week

It\'s no secret that Amazon owns our shopping habits. So much so, it\'s become our go-to for everything from a 10 pack of Pocky sticks to designer dresses, sending us down a rabbit hole that results in a cart full of items we hadn\'t planned on purchasing. If you can think of it, Amazon probably has it.But coming across more unique and worthy finds, like a novelty plant holder or a new pair of heels, isn\'t as easy a task. Too many products, so little time. So, we\'re doing the grunt work and digging through the deepest reaches of Amazon for the best goodies around. Tech, beauty, fashion, wellness, home; there\'s not one category we\'re excluding from our search.From the most buzz-worthy eyeliners on the market to affordable furniture that only looks expensive, our editors are rounding up the best Amazon has to offer. Even better, we\'re bringing you a brand spanking new list of items, every week. Check back here each Monday for the latest round of Amazon available products you\'ll want to add