Don't Sleep On A Long Sleeve Dress For Your Next Black Tie Event

We will always jump at the opportunity to wear something silky, sparkly, and luxurious. But when the sun sets at 4 PM and piles of snow make it hard to get dressed in something as simple as jeans and a sweater, getting dolled up for a black-tie event can be even more of a challenge. Consider the oft-forgotten long sleeve formal dress: they’re equally elegant, and you can sometimes sneak an extra layer underneath. Long sleeves allow you to get more creative with the necklines – plus, you needn\'t find a bra that will stay hidden while doing your dance move of choice (mine\'s the sprinkler).Sometimes a long sleeve dress is all about the accessories. Throw on a statement belt to break up the fabric or wear ~fancier~ heels to make it clear you\'re headed somewhere special. So go for it, and thank us when you\'re extra warm, and sans d├ęcolletage goosebumps.Click through for the 16 long sleeve dresses that will keep feeling 100 at your next soiree.Like what you see? How about some more R2