Cody Fern, Troye Sivan: The Rise Of Queer Fashion At The Golden Globes

Happy Golden Globes 2019, everyone! We\'re just going to come out and say it: It should be obvious by now that minorities watch and receive award shows differently. The chance for people who, outside of their fame, would usually be \"othered\" to represent their respective communities on the reddest of red carpets impacts those who identify with them. This goes for people of color, people whose sexualities or gender are yet considered mainstream, and everyone in between.Even though most of us don\'t actually know these famous folk, we look to them to represent us in spaces that we\'ve — until only recently — never really been welcomed in. It\'s why awards season (which kicked off at tonight\'s Globes) can be celebratory and controversial at the same time. And it\'s why, at a time when LGBTQ+ people are slowly but steadily taking their deserved places in Hollywood (to represent themselves — not to be played by cisgender, heterosexual actors instead), even the decision of who hosts the ce