Brown Is Winter's Most Wearable Color – Here's 18 Must-Haves

There are no two ways about it: Brown is the dominant shade of the winter 2019 season, and you\'ll be hard-pressed to escape it. But how did a shade so staid end up becoming so contemporary and cool?\"There was a definite nod to the \'70s happening across the runway, and [brown] feels more modern than black,\" Ida Petersson, womenswear buying director at Browns, tells Refinery29. \"Additionally, what every fashion girl should know is that brown is a great alternative to black for winter. Rather than draining you, it warms your features.\" Plus, it looks great paired with brighter colors, like fuchsia or electric blue.Last spring, we saw the color ease its way into our wardrobes via Pretty Woman -inspired polka dot dresses. Now, we\'re taking things to the next level. With so many varieties of browns, from chocolate to coffee to cedar, it\'s easy to integrate the hue into your everyday repertoire (a pair of boots or trousers are two of the best places to start). Hey, brown may not be the new bl