'Bachelor’ Star Heather Martin Is Already Friends With A Bachelor Nation Favorite

The 2019 premiere of The Bachelor had an overwhelming amount of mentions of Colton Underwood’s virginity, but it also introduced us to one contestant who says she has “one-upped” him in that area: Heather Martin has never been kissed, and it’s even listed as her official occupation on the show. But there is certainly more to her than a chyron, and a look at Bachelor contestant Heather’s Instagram gives us some stronger insight.We know from Heather’s ABC bio that she has a cat named Kitty, is a thrill-seeker, is from Southern California, and would be a food critic if she could have any job. And while her Instagram doesn’t reveal what her actual job is — hopefully, she’ll share it on the show — it does show some of what she’s up to in her everyday life.It should be noted, however, that unlike most Bachelor contestants Heather doesn’t actually have a very large Instagram presence. She’s only got 34 posts on her feed (though it’s always possible that she deleted