Are Rihanna-Branded Sunglasses Next For The Fenty Empire?

After careful observation, we know now that Rihanna considers herself her own demographic for her product launches and treats herself as a personal focus group. Before Robin Rihanna Fenty introduced Fenty Beauty to the world, she was photographed wearing the products for Allure magazine. Bad Gal RiRi debuted her latest Stunna lip paint shades during New York Fashion Week in September, months before we mere mortals clamored to add the product to our stashes. It was at that same NYFW show (which she called a love letter to all women) where she dethroned Victoria\'s Secret before its CEO did the lingerie brand in. She uploads videos to her Instagram story of her in the studio, knowing the Navy is more than eager for new music. Rihanna is never not working and we\'ve learned to keep an eye on her as a result.On Sunday, she was photographed out and about in New York City wearing an oversized pinstriped suit jacket, wide leg jeans, a gray hoodie, and a pair rectangular, studded metal sunglasse